Study on fuel sourcing and consumption

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The present study focuses on assessing the various sources of fuel and consumption patterns in Tobacco cultivation areas of Karnataka state. The specific objectives include identifying the types and quantities of fuel used for tobacco curing, exploring energy conservation practices adopted during curing, and understanding the sourcing of fuel in the region. A sample size of 244 tobacco-growing farmers from 10 villages, representing small, medium, and large farmer categories, was selected for the study


• Farmers are well educated about the tree and tree cultivation and its calorific Value in tobacco curing.

• Most of the farmer use Eucalyptus root for curing and eucalyptus root is an important source.

• They are aware about the usage of alternate source of fuel source such as Coffee husk and Coconut shell and are in the practice of use.

• There is an established fact that Energy efficient barns are consuming less fuel compare to non-EC Barns. But still there is a scope to increase the energy efficiency.

• Most of the farmers are growing few trees in their land particularly for the tobacco curing and for their own need.

• There is a need to increase the awareness on the tree planting culture.

• The yield for the current year has drastically decreased due to heavy rain and also consumed more wood due to more moisture content in the green leaf. TAPS Name of the village No of farmer Taluka District
1 1 N NHally 25 H D Kote Mysore
2 2 M G Hally 24 Hunsur Mysore
3 3 J D Koppal 25 Hunsur Mysore
4 4 ThelaginaKuppe 25 Piriyapattana Mysore
5 5 Sundavalu 25 Piriyapattana Mysore
6 6 N D G Koppal 24 Piriyapattana Mysore
7 7 Keregodu 24 Arakalagodu Hassan
8 62 Harinahally 24 Hunsur Mysore
9 63 Dadadahalli 23 K R Nagara Mysore
10 64 Thattekere 25 Hunsur Mysore
Total 244

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