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Rejuvination & Protection Of Water Body And Biodiversity

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About Synaptics

Synaptics Incorporated is an American company specializing in human interface solutions for a wide range of electronic devices. The company designs and manufactures touchpads, touchscreens, fingerprint sensors, and other related technologies used in laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronic devices.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Synaptics has been a key player in the touch and biometric industry for many years. Their products are known for their high performance, accuracy, and user-friendly interfaces, making them popular choices among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the tech industry.


In line with Synaptics’ CSR objectives, a second project, aimed at involvement of community for renovation and rejuvenation of water bodies and improve the microclimate, was under taken.

The rural communities have built many traditional water reserves for the community use. But these are often not maintained even though having important utility to the entire community. Oasis foundation assessed that this was an appropriate opportunity to empower the community applying principles of social engineering to take charge of its own biodiversity preservation and show case a Public- Private collaboration. About ₹14,07942 was budgeted in this initiative.

Oasis Foundation’s solutions

Massive de-siltation of approx. 4200 sqft waterbody to a depth of 5 – 6 ft. Re-use the soil to strengthen bund and increase holding capacity Engineer proper inlet and outlet with appropriate silt trap.

Levelling approx. 3354 sqft area and planting indigenous forestry, fruit & flowering plants Inspire local MLA to take up beautification and development activity of the park around the water body.

With this intervention, an empowered developed and a step towards protecting its natural resource firmly taken.


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