Referral Hospital Setup

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About CGI

CGI (Consultants to Government and Industry Incorporated) is a global leader in offering consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing services to both government and industry clients. With a strong history and extensive expertise in areas like IT, cybersecurity, and digital transformation, CGI provides tailored solutions that drive growth and success for clients. Their client-centric approach, innovation focus, and commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends make CGI a trusted partner in helping organizations excel in today's evolving landscape of government and industry.

About Project

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, Oasis Foundation acted swiftly, raising funds for relief efforts. With support from corporate company CGI, funds were secured to provide frontline health workers with crucial PPE and establish a referral hospital in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka. This collaboration resulted in the creation of the Government Referral Hospital in Ramnagara, marking a pivotal stride in addressing community healthcare needs during these unprecedented times.

Following Eleven medical equipment of high quality are procured based on the recommendation of technical experts. All the equipments were handed over in the presence of senior officers of CGI, representative of Oasis Foundation to district administration District Health officer on 07-06-2020 at Ramanagar. Name of the Equipment No Brand/ Company
1 X Ray Machine 1 GE Company
2 ABG Machine 1 Opti Medical CCA-TS2
3 ECG Machine 1 Clarity India. 3Channel
4 Suction apparatus 6 Gulati Industries Portable Phelegm
5 Refrigerator 1 EFSV 340
6 Washing Machine 1 LG -9 Kg
7 Air Curtain 1 EHV4F
8 Auto Clave Vertical 1 Double wall , 75 kG
9 Auto clave Horizantal 1 Single door, 75 Litre
10 Defibrilator 1 BPL Relife 900
11 Lead apron 1 Florus-Regular
12 X- Ray Cassette KG 4 1 Kiran

PPE Distribution for Health Workers

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Health care worker at different level like Doctors, Nurses, Asha worker, Lab technician and Para Medical are working at high risk and they are in need of Proper protection equipment to carry their day to day work. Following are the different PPE provided for different Hospitals. Particulars No
1 Face wiser Mask ( KKAllianze) 2500
2 PPE ( Non Woven , Anti Bacterial water proof material of 140 GSM) 760
3 PPE (Non Woven ,Anti Bacterial water proof material of 90 GSM) 350
4 PPE (Non Woven ,Anti Bacterial water proof material of 70 GSM) 250

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