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Pandemic – Covid 19

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives. During the pandemic, governments took several precautionary measures to stop the spread of the infection of the novel coronavirus. Colleges, universities, schools, and offices were closed with no certainty. Nobody knew when they would be open.

There are several guidelines and rules issued by the government. Most of the people worked online.!

Professions like content writing, web development, data entry management, social media management, etc., were able to work online. But the people who had businesses like restaurants, small eateries, transport, manufacturing, retail, etc., lost employment and faced struggle to run their houses. Unemployment in India was at a 45-year high during the pandemic. The industrial output in the country’s 8main sectors fell tremendously.. In short, the Indian economy was crippled.

The people who were struck by the virus were dying. There was panic and scare everywhere. There was no place in the hospitals. The hospital supplies like medicines, machinery, oxygen cylinders, etc., were over.

Under such scenarios, some corporate teams and community helpers came forward to help.


GiveIndia Foundation, India, had as always come forward to expand the Covid Care Facilities in the states. Based on requirements from the hospitals, GiveIndia Foundation funded ₹32,96,525 for Cold Storage, for vaccine storage, and Medical Equipment for Covid Care Setups.

• Commando Hospital Air Force; Cambridge Road, Cambridge lay out, Bangalore

• Mahalakshmi Lay out Covid Care Centre. Bangalore

Oasis Foundation’s solutions

Capacity of COVID care Centre at Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore was expanded with – 18 ICU Cots, Wheel Chairs, Suction Apparatus, ECG Machine, Trolleys and Dura Cylinder to store Oxygen.

It has helped to get better care facility for covid patients and increased bed capacity where of the Hospitals were already beyond capacity.

Moreover, it was critical to bring effective treatment for the poorest of the poor, who are not able to afford treatments in private Hospitals.

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