In the wake of the deadly second wave of COVID 19 pandemic, the activities of Oasis Foundation for the year 2021-22 started with great challenges. At the same time, we had new collaborators joining us along with our existing Partners to continue the relief and rehabilitation work dealing with COVID Pandemic. For the first time we were working in different focus areas and it definitely was a test for us to prove our ability to implement such projects.

Funds in the tune of ₹2.14croreswere received from organizations like GiveIndia Foundation, CGI India, Samsung India, SSRI, Synaptics, Lowe’s Company Inc. for projects in areas of Covid Care Support, Education, Community& Environmental developments.

Lowe’s Companies Inc. and Samsung India are the new CSR partners that approached to work with us”

Major projects undertaken during the year 2021-2022 includes: -

• CGI, Bangalore CSR – COVID-19 Relief and Support
• GiveIndia Foundation – COVID-19 Relief and Support
• SYNAPTIC, CSR – Education & Environment and Community Development
• Lowe’s Companies Inc., CSR –Environment Drive
• Samsung Bangalore and SSRI, CSR – Education & Environment Drive


The year 2022-23 is an expansion phase of organization focused more on Natural Resource management project like Lake rejuvenation.
The remaining projects are Corporate Volunteering, Educational projects, Promotion of Bio diesel and survey work with different Companies under CSR Grant. Urban Lake rejuvenation is a new experience with lot of challenges like encroachment, Sludge removal and entry of sewage water into the lake which required a new approach to address both technically and socially. Ultimately, the impact of the project like recharge of the borewell, community involvement and children swimming in the clean water and visit of varieties of birds and growth of different flora indicates not only the success of the project and a great satisfaction. The awareness program on Bioenergy in different schools and colleges shown a tremendous response which encourages us to move fast for many initiatives to save our environment.
The education programs like establishing the library, mural painting, Science lab and Stage construction brought a smile in the faces of the children studying in the school which helped to bring back new children and dropouts to the school. The survey work with ITC Company for fuel wood and fuel wood efficiency has helped us to understand the issues and challenges faced by the farmers related to cultivation practices and fuel wood need.
The various training program attended by our staff has contributed for the empowerment and knowledge base for the organization.
Finally, our sincere thanks to our donor partner like Samsung, Lowes and ITC for extending the support for the noble cause of empowering the community to address their need and protecting our environment. We expect and hope continuation of support in future also.

C Doreswamy
Executive Director

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