Response to COVID 19 Relief work

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Pandemic – Covid 19

The Covid-19 pandemic brought significant changes to our lives, leading to widespread government measures aimed at curbing the virus's spread. This resulted in the closure of educational institutions, offices, and uncertainties about reopening. Various guidelines were issued, prompting a shift to online work for many, including professions like content writing, web development, and social media management. However, businesses such as restaurants, transportation, manufacturing, and retail suffered, causing widespread unemployment and economic struggles, particularly in India where unemployment reached a 45-year high. The pandemic also overwhelmed healthcare systems, with hospitals facing shortages of supplies and resources like medicines, equipment, and oxygen. Amid these challenges, certain corporate and community groups stepped in to provide assistance.

Oasis Foundation’s solutions

Amidst the COVID-19 situation, the Oasis Foundation responded swiftly by gathering donations from its members and focusing on aiding tribal communities. They chose Balenalli Hamlets and identified 65 vulnerable Jenukuruba families who were struggling due to the pandemic's impact on their livelihoods. These families received a month's worth of essential supplies, including food, hygiene guidance, and support from local authorities and village leaders.

Promoting COVID-19 Awareness

Across four villages, a comprehensive COVID-19 awareness effort was carried out alongside the distribution of vital sanitary kits to 150 families. These kits included Soap, Sanitizer, Nail Cutter, and Kerchief. The entire campaign was conducted with a strong commitment to social distancing and mask-wearing, emphasizing the importance of safety measures.

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