Coconut Garden Integration

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About Project

Commencing in 2010 and concluding in 2012, the initiative gains support from the Coconut Development Board under the Indian Government. Executed in two clusters—Misethimmanahalli in Tiptur taluka and Settinaiknalli in Mysore taluka—the project encompasses 112 farmers, focusing on the enhancement of 225 acres of coconut gardens.


• To improve the productivity of the garden through integrated farming system.

• Enhancing family economic status via vermicompost production, INM and IPM practices adoption, and intercropping in coconut gardens.

• Implementing contemporary scientific methods for effective pest and disease management in coconut gardens.

• Encouraging farmers to establish a profitable model for coconut gardens.

• Inspiring and engaging small and marginal farmers in adopting modern techniques and sharing information with neighboring farmers.

• Documentation of project learning’s for future adoption.

Activities implemented

• Enhancing soil and water conservation

• Ensuring tree sanitation

• Preparing basins for plantation

• Applying fertilizers effectively

• Promoting fodder cultivation and green manure seeds

• Implementing plant protection measures

• Encouraging intercropping

• Fostering community organization

• Establishing coconut development committees

• Forming self-help groups


After two years, an impact study assessed economic progress, increased plant yield, and community awareness regarding integrated coconut garden management's productivity enhancement.Following are the outcome of the study.

• The number of nuts increased by 65% and size of the nuts by 20%.

• Dropping of immature nuts almost stopped and reduced pest and disease management cost.

• Intensity of CROP increased.


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