Bio Diesel Project

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Oasis Foundation raised donations from Individuals and Corporates to support Mr. Narayana Swamy, based on his request to promote Bio Diesel.

A practical demonstration in diesel automobiles could thus help all eviate technological concerns. One such attempt is the trip from Bangalore to Bangalore spanning 8822 km spreadacross 32 days which was carried out from August 24th 2022 to September 24th 2022. The trip attempts to showcase that the above -mentioned inhibitions need to be eliminated if biodiesel is to be accepted as an alternative to petroleum diesel in the coming years.

The team comprising of three persons namely Avinash.Narayanaswamy, Aakankash N.M & Sunil Mysore wanted to demonstrate that biodiesel can be practically used in most diesel engines without too many hassles. The other objective is to highlight the importance this fuel can play in reducing carbon emissions across the globe. In this regard, a self-owned Tata Indica car was powered on B40 fuel (40% Biodiesel & 60% Petroleum diesel blend) across 13 Indian states, 4 Indian Union Territories & Nepal. The source of biodiesel was waste cooking oil which was sourced & converted to biodiesel at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore

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